YASSASSIN Yassassin is an all-girls band based in London, who had commissioned me to make their stage outfits for their debut EP Vitamin Y launch in 2017. The costumes matched the room set up and album cover, using combination of black and white chck with soft pastels, 60s Cardin 3D embroidery and riot girl aesthetics.
BREAD & PUPPET THEATREBread & Puppet are a legendary radical political theatre whose work is focused on using art as a tool for political poetic wholehearted activism accessible to all. A truly life-changing inspiring community, whose whole life and work is focused on community building, ignition of change and creating art sustainably. It was an honour to be asked to do an independent commission for them -to make 3 full costumes for stilt walking perfromers, which are now regularly used in parades, circus perfomances and theatre shows. The costumes were made by recycing old donated fabrics and bedsheets, as well as old wall art and flags, puzzling together new fresh context and meaning out of older work.