FOR THE DREAM WEAVERS Project made in partnership with Kering Group as a way to imagine a capsule collection for Bottega Veneta with strong focus on sustainability. Collection made in collaboration with Diane Gaignoux, Stephanie Linn, Ji Yeon Lee and Qiao.

Inspired by the “Wilder Mann” book, we collaged and draped found objects in search of new silhouettes and ideas. The intuitive aspect of collecting brought a transformative element into our work: through combining repurposed materials with traditional crafts, we sustained the cultural heritage these methods possess as well as showed our take on Bottega Veneta’s signature techniques like weaving and pleating. Challenge was to let found materials lead the design process rather then to buy new materials, with that questioning the overly-consumer habits design world has.

All materials used are either recycled or found. Screen printing and foiling on synthetic jersey and cotton. Fake fur knitting with wool. Weaving, macramé and basketing with leather, phone wire and bicycle tire